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Meet Communi

Empower local and community brands achieve business goals with optimized budgets through tailored and strategic marketing
Who are we?

Marketing agency in Montreal and Toronto

As a digital marketing agency in Montreal and Toronto, our passion for empowering small and medium-scale community businesses brought about our expansion of from the Middle East to Canada. Our goal is to help brands tide over the significant business disruptions caused by the unprecedented situation we are facing. It is in these moments of uncertainty and change when a digital marketing strategy is vital. In the aftermath of this pandemic, there will be businesses that are ready for the rebound and ones that are scared of the opportunity to adapt. We urge you to be in the frontlines of the hyperlocal marketing evolution with us.

Why work with us?

Work with Communi?

Our combined experience in digital marketing, branding, creatives management, and powering marketing processes, can serve as vital tools to ensure rapid business recovery. As a Toronto digital marketing agency, Communi improves the way your brand communicates and pushes it further, powering your company gain a competitive advantage in an increasingly digital world. We also harness creativity and innovation as a business tool, used to strategically grow your business. What’s more, is we do it all while becoming part of your community and building relationship with you.

Building strong marketing foundations and processes for startups

We understand how overwhelming managing a startup is. We’ve experienced that ourselves! We take the fret away from you and craft personalized strategies for your business. Worry not about the perceived complicated work of digital marketing as we will simplify the concepts for you. Our aim is to transform business owners like you into passionate marketers, like us! And together, we can ensure your business’ success.

We stand by our marketing principles

All strategies are transitional

Things always change, our strategies must, too. The purpose of Communi is to help clients become equipped and flexible to traverse through today's ever-changing market landscape

Skills help us do, values help us become

Our brand values are the measuring stick for our business decisions. All decisions tie back to our guiding principle that we exist to serve small and medium local businesses

Find a way or make one

In the massive and dynamic world of digital marketing, we believe that there is always a solution to achieving marketing objectives. If an unconventional path doesn’t exist, we pave a new way.

Emotions in every brand story

We believe in the innate emotion of every brand story, and we are dedicated to make your brand's purpose heard and be creatively amplified throughout communities

Let go of what you think you know

Tabula rasa is how we begin our thought process in forming marketing solutions. We champion the uniqueness of each brand and we form a deep understanding of how to let your unique brand shine from the rest!

Simple is the new smart

We are not your usual 'bells and whistles' agency. We believe that a simple, laser-focused strategy and sharp execution is everything we need to fire up your business.

Wanna know about our process?

Marketing domain experts with a beginner’s mind

Let your local business shine through timely and innovative marketing solutions

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