Underperforming social media ads? Here’s Why.

With social media’s reach and market opportunity, it’s no wonder why so many brands try to invest on as their primary marketing platforms. Successful social media ad management, with or without an external tool to analyze its efficiency, can bring numerous benefits to your brand as a whole.

However, publishing your ad in social media platforms is not as simple as posting it organically. You require a deep understanding of your business and audience, and a full-scale social media marketing strategy to guide you throughout the process.

When you don’t plan it through, you can easily make mistakes that may lead to your social media ad not performing, and your marketing bucks going to waste.


Here are some reasons why your social media ads are not performing:


  1. Your content sucks

Yes, it is true that “Content is king.” However, simply creating content will not suffice. Brands should create personalized content specific to their audience. New pieces of content are created and published every second of each day. You will need to stand out from the crowd, be original, and speak directly to your audience if you want to attract an audience and convert them into customers.


  1. You do not have a clear target

The best way to win the attention of your audience in noisy social feeds is by being highly relevant. It’s important that posts reach the right segments of an intended audience. Qualify your audience via the following segmentations: demographic (age, income, ethnicity, family size, and so forth), geographic (location), and psychographic (activities, interests, opinions, attitudes, values, and lifestyles).


  1. Your call to action is too complicated

Your conversion process is very complicated. If it takes and the audience too many clicks to complete a purchase, people will simply leave. Make your conversion straightforward and mobile-friendly which will, in turn, allow you to manage and measure your social media activity more easily.


  1. You do not track performance effectively

The beauty of running a social media ad is that you can quickly assess whether your ad is performing or not. With that, you will be able to proactively change aspects of the ad that are not working.


Need help on running paid social media ads? 

While knowing the basics in running social media is important, finding your brand a helping hand that can monitor and make sure your ads deliver your desired results is a must. Communi specializes in social media marketing and can assist you in creatives management, organic social media, and paid social media ads.


Consider us as your brand’s marketing department!


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