Five marketing trends in 2021 to watch out for

Some regions may be recovering faster than others, but the world is generally just beginning to pick up pieces and rebuild itself economically.

If there is a silver lining in all the distress we have experienced in 2020, it is that organizations are forced to think outside the box to survive.

Brands became very open-minded to recognize relevant shifts in marketing that are essential to sustain a business. While the changes we saw in 2020 may be overwhelming, brands must expect a bigger marketing shift as more businesses recover. Here are five marketing trends to watch out for in 2021.


  1. E-commerce and digital marketing take center stage

With numerous brick and mortar stores shutting down and a majority of businesses moving shifting to online platforms last year, one thing is for sure – brands need to keep up digitally to survive! Online will not only become the ideal business platform but more importantly, the primary platform to reach out to potential customers.


Luckily, online marketing is the most efficient form as brands can target different consumer profiles throughout their diverse buyer journeys. Brands can also tailor-fit strategies according to their budget and objective.


  1. The rise of voice 

Contrary to what experts believed in the early quarters of 2020, voice marketing, specifically podcasting, is not just hype – it is the game-changer. It appeals to the audience because of the ease of use, enabling them to access it seamlessly at any time. Secondly, there has been a looming fatigue setting in for smartphone users and video content watchers, owing to the increase in screen time for all efforts and purposes.


Podcasts serve a vital role in delivering information, where the audience often pick their podcasting hosts based on the quality. People have the thirst to be informed and stay motivated, and with no end in sight for the pandemic, podcasts will continue serving as the choice of platform to a significant audience slice.


  1. The heightened importance of brand values and purpose

2020 was the year which our moral values mattered most, even often affecting our purchase decisions. This is why value and purpose-driven brands that know their reason for existence are the ones who are set to be more successful in navigating unprecedented change more than the rest.


Purpose-driven enterprises are not only garnering more attention but also spurring consumer action. This only holds true if brands stay true to their promise.


  1. Increasing value to the underrepresented

Stereotypes, ageism, and the perennial habit of following fad marketing trends over effectiveness have left brands underestimating—and under representing—an increasingly digitally savvy and lucrative demographic: baby boomers. This year, we anticipate brands to implement smart segmentation and thoughtful representation that includes an audience born between 1946 and 1964 in their digital strategies.


  1. What about social media?

As for social media, for B2C, Instagram and Facebook will still lead the charge in terms of popularity and marketing budget allocation. For B2B, LinkedIn serves the most ideal platform as its interface and algorithm allow brands to create awareness at low efforts and cost. It is also the most ideal platform for business and professional networking.

However, it is still ideal for your brand to be present on as many social platforms to avoid missing out on exposure opportunities. After all, shifts might happen again and it’s better to cover all the bases.


Find your brand ally

While identifying the emerging trends in marketing is important, finding your brand a trusted ally makes the difference in attaining business success. Communi will walk you throughout the fundamentals of marketing, branding, and will position your brand as market leaders using an optimized budget, and tailored and strategic marketing.


Our passion is to assist brands to make the best use of their digital opportunities across all platforms to retain and even expand customer base From strategy to execution, we work with you as a partner, making our marketing solutions integrated and highly effective.


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